Chule Socks - Coat of Arms  - Sm

Chule Socks - Coat of Arms - Sm

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- Meias - Quinas

- Size 36/40

- Woman / Children

The cotton used in CHULÉ socks production is 100% organic, having a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. Try the sustainable alternative to conventional cotton and you won’t want anything else!

CHULÉ socks are designed and made in Portugal. Joining the recognized quality of Portuguese manufacturing with the attention to detail, the final result is a high quality product that stands from the crowd

To use a pair of CHULÉ socks is a way of living, it's the will to change and to go beyond, it's challenging the rules and the conventional, it's to dare. It’s expressing who you are, your personality and what you like without reservations. It's to transmit happiness, creativity and positivity